What is a Casino Payout Percentage?

When you Play Video Poker or any other Online Casino Game the money that you win can very much be affected by what the casinos' payout percentage is. A payout percentage is the amount that the casino returns to players in the form of winning payouts and this percentage should be audited by a trustworthy company such as eCogra or Technical Systems Testing (TST). These companies then provide certification on the payout percentage and good Online Casinos will always have the report available to view from their website at all times.

There are different percentages when you Play Online Casino Games and it is broken down into categories, with an average percentage based on these findings. Players can view the payout percentage on Online Slots, Table Games and All Casino Games. It is always the best thing to Play Video Poker at a casino that offers a high payout percentage on Video Poker Games. A decent payout percentage should really be anything from 96% or higher. If you do play at an online casino that offers payouts that are less than that you should check their reputation with regards to payouts by reading reviews on the casino.

To further explain the process of payouts when you Play Online Casino games it is an amount based on what the casino receives from the players in wagers and what percentage of these wagers they pay back to players. This means that from all the wagers that the casino receives they only end up with a small percentage and the rest goes back to the players. The reason for Online Casinos being able to payout much more than land casinos is because Online Casinos don't have all the overheads that land casinos do. Because it is much cheaper to run an Online Casino and less staff is required, as an example, they are able to pay out much more. A great thing when you Play Video Poker is that some Online Casinos actually end up with a payout percentage exceeds 100% because it is one of the games where you can gain an edge over the casino!