Online Slots Based on Board Games

In the online gambling world, online casino developers try hard to create titles that engage and entertain players. One of the most popular ways to do this is by creating titles that are based on pop culture icons like video games, comic books and movies. An emerging trend, however, is board game slots. Games like Battleship Search and Destroy evoke the classic board game feel while bringing the brand into the 21st Century.

Battleship offers players the chance to take part in an online slots game modeled directly after the classic board/strategy game. In addition to winning prizes by spinning the reels, players can also earn cash by launching a sneak attack and sinking their opponent's battleship - just like in the original game!

Another popular board game slot machine is the Dungeon and Dragons slots game. While the game's reels offer impressive winning potential, the bonus round is what is truly captivating. Players must engage in a battle with a monster and their success dictates how much money they will win.

These are the types of fun little bonus features that keep players engaged while playing board game-themed slots. They evoke the original atmosphere of these classic board games while bringing them into the modern gaming world, where players can win actual cash prizes.